SMOKEY Quartz - 18

Dimensions: L: 40mm  x  W: 25mm  x  H: 20mm
manufacturer: Quartz - Smokey Quartz
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The Stone of Focus

Smokey Quartz stimulates the cooperation of multiple energies toward a common goal.  
A wonderful stone for relationships, and for people in recovery who are part of a larger group, whether it be work, hobby, a home group, business group, or association. 
It is a gentle grounding stone that instills balance and harmony, and can help bring peace to you, enhancing quiet reflection during meditation without the interference of the thinking mind. 

This is not a quick energy stone, like Clear quartz crystal, but it has intense staying power to carry you over the long haul. 
Combine Smokey Quartz with Clear Quartz for lots of positive energy towards obtaining your dreams and goals, and to energize them into being a reality.
Smokey Quartz helps to set aside willfulness and headstrong behavior.  
Smokey quartz has the ability to transform negative energy, and is particularly effective in dealing with anger and resentments.  
It is a stone that helps you be right here, in the moment.

It clears up communication difficulties, and helps to dissolve mental and emotional blockages that can get in the way of perception or learning.

Kegunaan :
Calming - Smoky quartz Membantu seseorang yang sering/mudah panik, cemas, dan suka bermimpi buruk..
Grounding - Menguatkan Grounding. Membantu untuk berada disiini, saat ini.
Transforms: Mengubah keinginan negatif diri
Protective: Membentuk batasan energi untuk menolak energi negatif di sekitar pengguna
Regulates: Dapat digunakan untuk mengalirkan energi creative secra berulang ulang
Finances:  Membantu seseorang bijaksana dalam membeli barang, dan membantu memanage uang secara efisien
Meditation: Sebagai Meditation stone Membantu Anda untuk menerima (acceptance) dan menjalani kehidupan pada saat saat sulit. 
Adult ADD - Membantu Anda untuk tidak mudah bingung. Membuat pikiran Anda tetap fokus pada suatu tujuan.. Pemikiran menjadi bersih, mudah untuk dibawa bermeditasi.  
Negativity: Neutralizes negative energy.

Physical -
Especially helpful with ailments of the hands and feet.
Membantu pegal2 dan sakit pundak, Membantu keram,
Menguatkan Syaraf tubuh.

Hardness: 7